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An Out-Of-The-Box Revenue Generating Platform.

Boost your brand’s conversion rates.

InPlayer provides global brands with a video monetization platform for full-scale audiences, across multiple connected devices and OTT platforms.

  • Capture new audiences globally and create new revenue streams. No more conflicting times - fans can now view shows at their convenience.
  • Offer new collections, exclusive previews and streamlined sales experiences to loyal customers with exclusive access or private subscriptions.
  • Create subscription-based video content to use as a post-event strategy and generate further revenue.
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Broadcast & Secure Your Global Events.

Stand out from the crowd with creative and global events that showcase your brand.

  • Provide your brand with pay per view and on-demand solutions through integrated event ticketing and live streaming technologies.
  • Configure applications and manage live, virtual or hybrid events for multiple platforms - all in one place.

Easily embed a branded content-access paywall and establish a predictable revenue stream.

  • Built-in authentication, single sign on options, subscription registration and tracking capabilities for any experience.
  • Integrated with Stripe Connect to receive funds right away.
  • No starting costs. Launch a video pay per view or subscription service and get an immediate ROI.
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Customize Landing Pages With Your Brand.

  • Get your own monetization solution with video-centric landing pages fully customized to your brand and maximize the value of your content in no time.
  • Live stream and extend the life of any product launch, fashion and retail event to build your global brand, drive conversion and earn customer loyalty.
  • A white-label paywall is embeddable in any website. Offer your audience high quality, easy-to-navigate purchasing experiences across platforms and devices, globally.
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Payments & Platforms Supported

Flexible & Enhanced Video Monetization Options.

Take full control over pricing, payment methods and promotional vouchers.

  • Define entitlements for freemium, authentication pay per view or subscription payment with flexible access options and pricing models.
  • Create tiered structures with different pricing levels by content track.
  • Receive viewer’s payments as soon as a transaction happens directly to the payment processor of your choice.

We are fully committed to achieving and upholding ongoing compliance with PCI DSS, GDPR and CCPA.

  • Global and secure payments. Fully PCI, GDPR and CCPA compliant. Whether creating a single live stream for an event or 24/7 channels, we scale to fit your needs.

Live or On-Demand Stream Syndication & Monetization.

Improve your video offerings with options that fit your audience’s needs.

  • Amplify your brand’s voice and monetize exclusive content without relying on brand sponsored content.
  • VIP access, family packages, pay per view highlights and donation pages.
  • Unlock richer conversions with flexible content access options: access code only, no authentications or payment information, authentication only, and so much more.

Content Protection & Access Restrictions.

  • Restrict or tier access to your live streams and VOD content to a select group of users, such as ticket holders only and VIPs, and generate targeted leads.
  • Set up restrictions based on date, time, geography or age with ease through a fully customizable paywall.

Data Capture & Analytics.

Real-time integrated analytics and purchase predictions to track and measure revenues.

  • Gather real-time analytics on revenue generated per asset or package across different countries, currencies and demographics.
  • Get predictions on user engagement, payments and revenue, access expiring over time to inform content and pricing strategies.

Transform Your Events Into Profitable Virtual or Hybrid Experiences.

  • Save months of development, staff resources and operational costs on support, billing, infrastructure and software maintenance.
  • Address costs and technological challenges to accelerate the launch, promotion and monetization of live video services.

Beyond YouTube.

Jumpstart your brand’s video monetization strategy beyond YouTube.

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Key Platform Attributes YouTube InPlayer
Audience Reach / Brand Awareness
Secure And Quick To Market
Built To Scale Your Video Business
Flexible Monetization Models
Own Your Data, SEO and Revenue
Keep Your Viewers Focused
Captivating On-Brand Experiences
Deep Analytics
You Are In Control
Highest Security: PCI, GDPR and CCPA compliant
24/7365 Support For End Users and Your Team

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