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The All-in-One Content Creator Platform.
Sell and Engage Directly to Fans.
Own Your Fanbase Data.
Grow Your Business.

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Let Your Fans Support Your Creative Videos.

Free yourself from algorithms or ads. Set up a direct relationship with fans.

Drive your fans to your own InPlayer powered website, 100% white label.

Easily embed a branded content-access paywall. Fan can access content with their data and/or payment.

Establish a predictable revenue stream, directly to your fans.

Special live or on-demand video subscriptions for fans.

Subscription and fan donations enable creators with even modest audience sizes to earn substantial amounts. These direct fan payment models facilitate greater monetization of highly-engaged superfans.

Build a virtual fan community, expand your brand, and scale your business with premium and exclusive content.

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A Direct Line To Fans, Everywhere.

Localized buying experience for global fans: geo-pricing, multi-currencies and languages interface.

Global payment methods and credit cards supported.

Integrated with Stripe Connect to receive funds right away without relying on brand sponsorship.

In-app OTT integrations and fully branded purchase experiences. Live and VOD monetization cross-OTT platforms & devices.

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Payments & Platforms Supported

Your Pricing, More Revenue.

Retain full control of the value of your creative work.

Multiple pricing options and settings.

Choose your favourite payment methods and geo/age/domain access restrictions for any pay-per-view or subscriptions (by video or packages).

Your Fans, Your Data.

Full ownership of subscriber data.

No downtime with free migration and subscriber syndication.

Collect email addresses and engage on a deeper level with your fans.

Export analytics and data reports whenever and wherever you need them.

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Your Brand, Our Full Customization.

Create your own branded live streaming microsite with online ticketed and pay-per-view access to your live-streamed virtual events.

Preview and fully customize the look and feel of our paywall and email notifications post-payments to match your brand.

Your 1:1 Expert.

Work with your dedicated monetization expert, to grow your revenue quickly.

From pricing strategies to landing pages designs, we are here to support every step of your business, keep you informed, save you time and delight your fans.

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Syndicate With Your Sponsors Or Brand Deals.

Leverage your sponsors’ websites to syndicate and monetize live or on-demand content in multiple websites at the same time.

Boost your reach, visibility and revenue with content syndication, all in one place.

Customize, from your dashboard, multiple registrations forms and fields for each of your OAuth applications, content aggregators pages or partners websites.

Expanding Your Team, Need Multi-Accounts

Have your agency or team help you run your business by giving each team member their own login.

Spend more time creating as your team members post and manage the video monetization on behalf of your creator page.

Retain control and set permission access to financial data to team leads only.

Beyond YouTube.

Don’t get played. Mature your YouTube strategy or jumpstart a smarter video business.

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Key Platform Attributes YouTube InPlayer
Audience Reach / Brand Awareness
Secure And Quick To Market
Built To Scale Your Video Business
Flexible Monetization Models
Own Your Data, SEO and Revenue
Keep Your Viewers Focused
Captivating On-Brand Experiences
Get Deeper Analytics
You Are In Control
Highest Security: PCI, GDPR and CCPA compliant
Get Your Team and End-Users 24/7/365 Support

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